Turki Al-Sheikh is a golden member of Al-Ahly

The President of the General Authority for Entertainment and the owner of the Spanish club Almeria, His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh. Supporting Al-Ahly Club after his last tweet in which he confirmed his joining the club’s golden membership.
Al-Ahly revealed via the social networking site Twitter, that the fans were given the opportunity to obtain the club’s membership card. Five classifications were Gold, Silver, Bronze, Al-Ahly Plus and Al-Ahly. They differ among themselves in terms of privileges.
The head of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, responded with a photo by publishing the golden card, which the administration offered its advantages. Stressing that it is a good idea and he will participate in it in support of the club. The official account republished the tweet and commented on it, saying:
“God bless the golden member Abu Nasser, and we are glad that you supported the idea.”
It is noteworthy that the holder of the golden card pays an annual subscription of 100,000 riyals. Its holder obtains many privileges, foremost of which is obtaining the right to run for the presidency or membership of the board of directors. As well as the right to vote in the General Assembly with 100 votes.


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