The story of a star: cooperation professional Fahd bin Rashid bin Abdulaziz Al-Hamad

Birth and upbringing:
Fahd bin Rashid bin Abdulaziz Al-Hamad was born in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on March 16, 1998 AD. He was raised by his father, Dr. Rashid Al-Hamad, a specialist in the field of physical education. They are Abdul-Ilah, Abdul-Aziz, Rayan and Muhammad.

Fahd Al-Hamad was brought up in a good sporting and moral environment among his brothers and peers, and his passion for football increased at a young age, like most of those in his age, as he played with his schoolmates, in the school academy, and in the popular square near the house.

There is no doubt that living in an environment suitable for human inclinations, talents and desires are all things that push him forward towards more achievement in a short time towards achieving his goal and achieving his goal. Fahd’s upbringing and his life were in the care of a sports family starting from his father, Dr. Rashid bin Abdulaziz Al-Hamad, the well-known sports writer. He worked as a physical education teacher and head of the Physical Education Department at the Ministry of Education, who was Secretary-General of the Saudi Tennis Federation and a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Tennis Federation, and head of the Technical and Development Committee for many years, and also through his two brothers: Abdullah and Abdulaziz, who represented the Saudi national team and Al-Hilal Club in the game of tennis, The family’s environment was encouraging and supportive of sports from all sides, as his father was keen to take care of him, support him and encourage him to reach his dreams and be a building block for serving the king, religion and the homeland.

Abdul Aziz Al Hamad .. the first fan to enter the field
Fahd’s colleagues and teachers often considered him one of the best players in his school who were interested in sports and were passionate about it and dealt with it as an entertainer, not just the performer or the practitioner, especially football, until his brother Abdulaziz noticed him and encouraged him to register in one of the clubs in Riyadh, whether Al-Hilal or Al-Nasr. He is registered with Al-Nasr Club.

Al-Bawardi and the advice to join the Baraem team

There is no doubt that the steps of the beginning and the advice of the experienced are not erased from memory no matter how the days go by and the succession of times. He was often encouraged by their neighbor “Al-Bawardi”, the father of goalkeeper Zaid, who plays in the Al-Baraem team at Al-Nasr Club. Fahd had often dreamed of him since his early childhood, and he found great interest and great care from the team administrator at the time, the honorable professor and educator Nasser Al-Tuwaijri and the club’s technical equipment, which prompted him to move forward in order to build his sporting personality and achieve his hoped-for dream.

And because preserving the credit for his family is one of the traits of virility in every age without regard to the age stage, Fahd often stressed that the care he found from the Portuguese Luis, the coach of the Buds category in victory, contributed to the formation of his football personality, and gave him confidence until he became an influential player in the victory team. And a distinctive mark among its members..

With the brilliance of Fahd Al-Hamad and the succession of his successes, his dream began to grow before his eyes and that dream expanded day by day, so he traveled to Spain and signed with Union Club Seares “Fourth Class” to have a professional experience, but he returned to Saudi Arabia after a short period and signed for Al-Taawoun Club, with which he participated in many From local victories, then in the Asian Champions League, and God Almighty destined to be his gateway to stardom and brilliance in the football sky. .

First Al Ghaith locally and internationally with cooperation:
It was the first match of the player Fahd Al Hamad with Al Taawon externally, in which he excelled in great brilliance, which won the approval of his fans, coaches and club against the Emirati team Sharjah in the Emirates, which was within the Asian Club Championship, which ended with Al Taawun winning 1-0
As for internally, it was in the King’s Cup League, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, which was a starting signal towards more brilliance and creativity.

Quick lights.. Lighted by Fahd Al-Hamad with “Al Riyadieh”.

In an interview with Fahd Al-Hamad with Al-Riyadia, he talked about the coaches who played under their leadership, his transition to cooperation, how the signing steps came, and other things mentioned in the following dialogue:

• Where did you start in the world of football?
My beginning was in the buds of Al-Nasr Club, which was at the hands of Luis, the Portuguese coach, and the well-known administrator, Nasser Al-Tuwaijri.

• What are your fondest memories of Al Nasr Club?
My beautiful memories at Al-Nasr Club are very many and hard to forget, most notably our winning the 2012-2013 Buds League championship at the level of Riyadh and Saudi Arabia, the 2014-2015 Junior League Championship at the level of premium clubs, 2014-2015 Federation Cup for Juniors, and 2015-2016 Federation Youth Cup at the level of excellent clubs, and undoubtedly, There are many, many wonderful and unforgettable memories of my memory with my fellow players.

• Tell us about your experience in Spain?
My experience in Spain was very excellent and there are many benefits with Union Club Seares, thank God I found a great welcome, and everyone helped and encouraged me, but I did not continue to do the language factor, as they only speak Spanish, and I only know English, and everyone was trying Whether coaches, players, technical staff or administrators benefit from my skills and benefit him as well, which refines my talent and adds a lot to me and my skills, but I returned to Saudi Arabia after a short period, and I did not complete my contract.

• You lived a field experience in Al Taawun Club under the watchful eye of Paolo Sergio for a short period before signing, so would you tell your audience about it?
My experience was at the hands of Paulo Sergio the coach, and from the first day I was surprised by the collective spirit of the players, administrators and all those working in cooperation, a wonderful treatment in every sense of the word, I felt as if I had been playing with them for a long time, and I was trying to give everything I had to prove my existence, especially After the coach trusted me, sharpened my enthusiasm, and worked hard to show myself and my competence.

• I emerged in the first match and gained everyone’s trust, to whom is the credit for that?
Praise be to God first and last, thanks to God first and last and then to the coach who gave me confidence in his words and guidance from his first week in the club, as he was always talking to me and giving me advice, three days before the game he told me I will give you the chance to play in the AFC Champions League, Although you did not play in the league, and this word in itself constituted a strong and moral boost for me that made me constantly work on myself and continue that to achieve what I wish and achieve the hopes of everyone who built a hope on me one day. I made sure to have a regular diet program, with daily workouts mostly in two shifts, sometimes one, and I also made sure I went to bed early.

• Are you taking enough training at home to suit your needs as a professional player?
I try as much as possible to get enough, and strive to increase physical strength, maintain fitness and develop my skills.

• What is the best match you played this year?
UAE’s Sharjah and Qatar’s Al-Duhail in the AFC Champions League.

Achievements of Fahad Al-Hamad

• 2012: Riyadh Region Championship under 14 (bronze medal).
• 2013: Riyadh Region Championship U-14 (gold medal).
• 2013: Under 14 League Championship (gold medal).
• 2014 AD: The Federation Cup U-17 Championship (silver medal).
• 2014 AD: Under-17 League Championship (Bronze Medal).
• 2015 AD: Saudi Federation Cup U-17 Championship (gold medal).
• 2015: Under-17 League Championship (gold medal).
• 2016 AD: Saudi Federation Cup U19 Championship (gold medal).
• 2016-2017: Under-19 League Championship (silver medal).


Personal Data

Date Of Birth:  16 / 03 / 1998
Nationality:    SAUDI
Religion:   muslim
Height  189 CM
Qualifications  The High School Certificate
Play ground placement The Center Of Defence


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