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Today, Saturday, July 10, 2021, Egyptian sports witnessed many important sports news, most notably, the Olympic Committee exempted Mohamed El-Shennawy and Al-Wansh from the Corona vaccine in Tokyo, the contractors clinging to the copper pillar despite Al-Ahly’s duality.
The Olympic Committee exempts Muhammad Al-Shennawi and Al-Wansh from the Corona vaccine in Tokyo

The Egyptian Olympic Committee granted the duo Mohamed El-Shennawy and Mahmoud El-Wansh, players of Al-Ahly, Zamalek and the Olympic team, the freedom to obtain the Corona vaccine before traveling to Tokyo to participate in the Olympics or not, and Olympic Committee officials explained that obtaining the vaccine is not mandatory in the Olympics.

The contractors cling to Imad Al-Nahhas despite the Al-Ahly double

Arab Contractors officials refused to discuss the idea of ​​abandoning Imad Al-Nahhas, the team’s coach, despite receiving two consecutive defeats from Al-Tala’i and Al-Ahly in the general league.

Zamalek refuses to make any change in the technical staff.. Carteron delivers a report to the administration
The Zamalek club administration refused to make any change in the technical staff of the team, led by the French Patrice Carteron, as the El-Abyad administration denied the rumors circulating about a change in the technical staff, stressing that it is looking for the stability of the team at the current stage, especially that the team is in crucial stages in the Egyptian League competition. And he is progressing at a good pace, after winning his last match against Misr El-Maqassa, with a goal without a response, to continue to lead the Premier League table with 61 points, after playing 27 games, during which he won 18 matches and drew in 7 matches, and was defeated in two matches, while he scored His players scored 48 goals, and conceded 18 goals.

Ismaily settles on the departure of the Angolan, I see Babylon at the end of the season

The Technical Committee of the Ismaili Club, headed by Ali Abu Greisha, based on the recommendation of Ihab Galal, the technical director of the team, settled on the departure of the Angolan player. From his participation with Al-Ismaili mainly in more than one match, and Al-Ismaili contracted with Ari Babel at the beginning of the current season, coming from Saudi cooperation.

The Football Association: Al-Ahly and Al-Maqasa match tomorrow at seven in the evening instead of five
The Egyptian Football Association’s Competitions Department decided to hold Egypt’s clearing match with Al-Ahly at the Army Stadium in Suez within the Premier League competition at seven in the evening tomorrow, Sunday, July 11, instead of holding it at five in the evening.

A new x-ray of Ahmed El-Shennawy to confirm that he had a cruciate ligament rupture

Ahmed El-Shennawy, goalkeeper of the first football team at Pyramids Club, is undergoing another x-ray on the knee to confirm his injury, as the initial x-ray conducted by the goalkeeper showed that he had cut the cruciate ligament of the knee after he was injured during the Enppi match in the league.

A medical smear for Al-Ahly players today before Morocco’s trip to the African final

Al-Ahly team is conducting a medical swab this afternoon, Saturday, in preparation for the Red Genie’s trip in Morocco to run in the African final against South Africa’s Kazeer Chiefs, and Al-Ahly players are scheduled to undergo a medical examination as one of the precautionary measures before the African final to detect the Corona virus.

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