The medical services of the Ministry of Interior are completing their preparations for the Hajj season

The medical services of the Ministry of Interior have completed all their preparations to implement their comprehensive plan for the Hajj this year 1442 AH, and to provide health care services to the employees of the Ministry of Interior and the security sectors, by developing a comprehensive plan commensurate with the current situation that is witnessing the continuation of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The integrated system prepared by the medical services during the Hajj season included the preparation of all capabilities in the Security Forces Hospital in Makkah and the specialized comprehensive clinics in Madinah, and the creation of fixed health centers, operated by them and providing distinguished services in which medical and health cadres from the medical services employees, in various specialties. As well as providing comprehensive specialized units for sunstroke and dialysis, in addition to endoscopy and respiratory care.

The action plan also included the preparation of mobile field teams and emergency medicine with the latest medical equipment, including (doctors – nurses – paramedics), as well as the provision of emergency bags, which contributes to providing services with ease and ease.

This comes in light of the keenness of the medical services at the Ministry of Interior to provide health care according to the highest standards, and its continued active participation in the Hajj season by exploiting all human potential and energies to make the approved plan successful during Hajj.


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