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Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience, but no matter how ready you think you are, taking on the challenge of parenthood can still present some difficult moments.

verything from getting your kids dressed in the morning to keeping them entertained can seem like an exhausting obstacle course. However, you’re not alone – there’s a whole host of skilled parents who have come up with fun hacks to help make tricky parenting scenarios more manageable.

From teaching your children how to entertain themselves during a flight or ensuring that their toys don’t get too loud and out of hand, these clever tricks will take away some of the daily stresses that come with parenting and make those rough days just a bit easier.

Baby Sweeper

When babies first learn to crawl, it’s both exciting and daunting for any parent. After months spent developing the skill, their achievement can be incredibly rewarding – but at the same time, it marks the start of an entirely new challenge: keeping up with them! In what feels like a blink they can go from room to room, exploring every inch of the house.

As a parent you might find yourself feeling just how Alice must have felt when she followed the White Rabbit in Wonderland! All you can do is keep up with your adorable explorer and make sure they stay safe along the way.

Baby Sweeper

Baby Sweeper


As a busy parent, finding time to keep the floors spotless can be a real challenge. But what of you could simply attach some dusters to your baby’s onesie and let them become your newest, mini-sweeper?

Not only does this method allow them to have all the fun in the world while playing, but it also helps the floors stay pristine so you don’t have to worry about those unruly messes ever again. It’s an easy and effective way for any parent to get those spotless floors they have always wanted!

A Medicine Pacifier

When your toddler is sick, the last thing they want to do is take some unpleasant tasting medicine. Although it can be difficult, convincing them to take it is essential in helping them to fight off infection or disease.

For many parents, getting little ones to ingest an icky concoction can feel like a daunting undertaking. But with patience and a few creative strategies, it is possible to get kids to comply with taking their medicine.

Whether by disguising the taste with a bit of juice or offering a special treat afterwards as a reward, there are ways you can make taking medicine less intimidating for both you and your little one.




Are you having trouble getting your toddler to take their medicine? We’ve all been there. Keeping kids healthy can seem like an impossible task, but with this sneaky trick it’s a breeze! All you need is a regular pacifier, and once you slice off the tip of it, you can insert the medicine dropper into the hole.

This way, they won’t even know they’re taking their medicine – how clever is that? If your little ones are needing to take medication, then this simple solution could save many stressful days. So don’t worry – with this helpful trick, it’ll be like a miracle for you and your kid.

No More Bath time Tears

Bathing time with toddlers can be quite challenging. If your little one loves to splash around with their toys, then the idea of washing their hair may cause protest and tears, if the shampoo and water get into their eyes. It’s understandable that parents don’t want to pour water into those vulnerable eyes – no parent wants to see their child in distress! However, it can be a soothing experience too.

Talk through the different steps beforehand and make bath time feel less intimidating. A few gentle rinses using a cup of warm water can really help, as well as wearing kids goggles or snorkel gear to protect them from getting any water in their face; much less hassle, with bigger smiles all round!




Bath time can often be a dreaded event for both parents and kids! Even the most excited of toddlers don’t like to get water in their eyes, and the struggle becomes a daily dilemma for parents trying to keep them clean.

Fortunately, those days may be over, thanks to one genius invention: an umbrella hat! These umbrellas are placed over the child’s head, creating a safe and comfortable space while they are getting cleaned up.

Not only does it protect their eyes from the water stream, but having something overhead also helps calm down anxious kids. This creative solution can make bath time much easier on everyone involved!

Beach DIY Play Pit

Taking toddlers to the beach can be quite the challenge. Before you’ve even left the house, your to-do list has grown from packing sunscreen and swimsuits to snacks and extra towels.

Once you make it there, the real struggle begins of trying to keep them entertained for hours so that they don’t run into potential danger like rogue waves or sharp shells. Nonetheless, seeing their happy little faces light up as their tiny feet tread sand for the first time is priceless.

If you can brave out the tricky moments and relax into it, a day at the beach with your toddlers can be an enjoyable experience that will make lasting memories.




Although a beach day out with a toddler can seem like an intimidating and stressful situation, there is one easy way to relax and enjoy the day without worry. All you need is a fitted sheet and four bags filled with sand.

Then simply place the bags in each corner of the sheet and you have created an instant playpen for your child – perfect for keeping them entertained while simultaneously allowing you to relax! This inventive way to create a walled space on the beach ensures that your little laughing bundle of joy isn’t going anywhere suddenly or unexpectedly.

Monster Spray

Children have such an immense capacity to use their imaginations, and bedtime can be the ultimate stage for them to let in run free. It is when they can get away from the bounds of reality and just exist as everyday will be never-ending playtime.

For example, a shadow on the wall could be a bogey man lurking around to grab them if they dare fall asleep. They might also hear each odd sound that travels through the night sky, seeing it as the monster hiding in the closet waiting for them to lie down so that it can take over and cause chaos.

Whatever story they create in their heads, bedtime is ultimately a place for them to make up stories that seem more exciting than reality.




If your kids have been scared of the bogeyman, there’s new hope! A unique solution to their fear is the seemingly miraculous ‘monster spray’. All you need is a cleaning spray bottle and by adding some creative touches, such as monster-themed labels or fun colors, you can turn it into an anti-bogeyman tool.

Let them spritz it around the edges of their beds or closets and watch their nightmares fade away. A ‘monster spray’ might just be what your family needs to defeat the bogeyman once and for all!

A Color-Coded Clock

At the end of each school day, kids have worked hard in their classes and can’t wait to get home and take a much-needed break. We understand the feeling of wanting to use those hours for play or just snuggling into bed after a long day. However, we know that chores like homework are an important part of growing up and learning life skills.

It is sometimes difficult to explain to children why it is important they maintain a balance between work and play as they strive to keep up with schoolwork while also living a healthy amount of fun into their lives. But although it may be hard initially getting that message across, children will eventually start to realize how necessary it is set aside some play time as well as responsible enough to do what needs to be done first.


With a color-coded clock, parents can help their children learn structure and have more control over their time. This meaningful tool gives them visual reminders about when to play, do homework, or wind down for bedtime.

By having these clear expectations set out, parents can expect fewer mid-day tantrums from their little ones as they become more aware of why they are doing what they do and when they should do it. A color-coded clock gives parents peace of mind—and children the encouragement to stay on track throughout their day!

A Car Seat Divider

Road trips can be stressful enough when traveling solo, so add small children to the mix and the journey becomes a potential minefield of never-ending debates and disagreements.

Studies show that children start arguments over anything they can find – from toy envy to heated snack disputes – and it’s no surprise that parents dread these types of outings. That said, with a little bit of pre-planning, creativity, and patience, you can turn a challenging family road trip into a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Small surprises such as new toys or exciting games will help keep spirits high and diminish any feuds in their early stages.

Additionally, bringing along healthy snacks like fruit or trail mix ensures plenty of energy for sightseeing, while frequent breaks will reduce boredom levels considerably. So don’t be daunted by the thought of a family road trip – take these simple steps to ensure an argument-free adventure!




Solving arguments in a car between children can be tedious and time consuming. Fortunately, there is an ingeniously practical solution for such dilemmas – installing car seat dividers.

All you need is some spare cardboard to place between each child to stop them from being able to see each other and therefore cutting out the source of the argument! This fast and easy method provides a peaceful environment without the constant bickering which makes it easier for parents who are travelling with more than one child.

A Medicine Trick

Even if your child is older, getting them to take their prescribed medicine can still be a real hassle. While they may understand why they need the medicine, they are still likely to resist taking it since unpleasant-tasting medicines battle with those more naturally appetizing treats like their favorite juice or soda.

As a result, parents have to employ inventive techniques such as adding their medication to applesauce or coloring it with food coloring to make it more palatable for their toddler.

Despite these methods, every parent knows that convincing toddlers and young children can still be very tricky when it comes to consuming anything that isn’t candy or a sugary treat.




As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to decide when to be honest and when discretion is the better part of valor. In the case of giving medicine, a great trick is to hide it in their favorite drink. Inserting a straw into the medicine bottle and taping the straw over the side of their beverage can deliver a dose without them really realizing it.

Not only is this one way to make sure your kids stay healthy by taking their medication, but it can also save you from a lot of stress in dealing with an unhappy child. Everyday tasks are never easy, but having tricks like these up your sleeve can make them so much smoother!

Left Foot, Right Foot

Trying to get young children ready for school on time can be a challenge, especially when it comes to putting on their shoes. As experienced by any parent, kids often struggle to remember which shoe goes on the right foot and which one always goes on the left foot.

Fortunately, this simple sticker hack might just make life a whole lot easier. For instance, affixing two stickers – one on the right shoe and another on the left – can help our little ones distinguish between them and speed up the process in the morning. An effective way of eliminating confusion with their shoes!


It can be challenging getting your kids to remember to put their shoes on the right feet, but it’s made easier with stickers! All you need to do is find a fun colored or cartoon-themed sticker and cut it in half.

Give each of them one of the halves so each time they go to put their shoes on, they can instantly know which foot goes which shoe. It’s an easy way to help them quickly learn to recognize left from right – plus, it’s sure to make them smile since they’ll be doing it with something they love!

DIY Sandbox

Making your own sandbox is a great way to make your stay-at-home days enjoyable. Whether it’s too hot (or cold) to go outside, or you are just looking for an extra activity for the kids, creating a homemade sandbox can be a lot of fun for the whole family.

All you need is some sand, a container (large enough to fit at least one kiddie pool), and something with which to scoop and sift out the sand – you could use toys, hand shovels, buckets, and molds of different shapes and sizes like cars or boats. After filling up your box with sand you could take it up a notch by adding colorful materials like pebbles, shells or even glow in the dark stars. So if you’re stuck at home and have some available space why not give this simple but fun idea a try?

Creating a sandbox without sand may seem impossible at first, but it’s actually quite achievable. All you need is a tray or shallow cardboard box, filled to the brim with sugar, and the kids can get creative! Using a pencil or straw, they can draw and trace different shapes and patterns on the surface of the sugar.

The best part? They can then take a few puffs of air to erase their designs and start fresh. Making your own sugar sandbox is an affordable way to have fun while being creative, as well as an opportunity for children to understand patterns and design in a new medium!



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