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Pyramids striker John Antwi entered the interests of Al Ittihad of Alexandria to move to its ranks starting next season, at the request of Brigadier General Hossam Hassan, coach of the green team.

Antoi enjoys Hossam Hassan’s confidence, and the player’s chances of transferring to the ranks of the leader of Al-Thaqar have increased the neglect he received in Pyramids, especially after the arrival of Greek coach Takis Junias.

And the thought of John Antwi comes to make up for the escape of Jamaican Romario Williams, the striker, the leader of the gap, who rebelled against returning to the club after participating in the camp of his country a month and a half ago.

Hossam Hassan, technical director of the Alexandrian Federation, called on his team players to remove the duo, Romario Williams and Emmanuel Okoye, from their accounts after escaping from the club and refusing to return to the team under the pretext of participating with the national teams of their countries in the international agenda that was held early last month.

A source revealed that the dean spoke with his players, saying, “What happened with Ugandan Emmanuel Akwe and Jamaican Romario Williams is not related to professionalism. The two received all their dues, yet they betrayed the club in a difficult situation and timing.”

Hossam Hassan added to the players, the leader of the gap, “Because we did not fall short with them, our Lord rewarded us with winning three matches and a draw in one of the last 4 matches, especially the team, although three of them were outside Alexandria, and this is evidence that the union’s intentions towards them were sound and clean.”

Source: the seventh day


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