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The Technical Committee of the Ismaili Club, headed by Ali Abu Greisha, based on the recommendation of Ihab Galal, the technical director of the team, settled on the departure of the Angolan player. From his participation with Al-Ismaili mainly in more than one match, and Al-Ismaili contracted with Ari Babel at the beginning of the current season, coming from Saudi cooperation.

Ihab Galal, the technical director of the Ismaili Club, decided to enter a closed camp in Alexandria from July 23 to 30 of the same month, in preparation for facing the Pyramids team, which is scheduled for the second of next August at seven in the evening at the Air Defense Stadium in the postponed meeting of the twenty-fifth round of the Premier League .

Ehab Galal discusses with his assistant staff the map of friendly matches expected to be played during the coming period to prepare his players technically and physically in preparation for facing Pyramids.

Ihab Jalal gave the Dervishes players a rest for five days, after which the team would return to resume its training normally, starting from tomorrow, Sunday, and the Dervishes believes that the players need the greatest time of rest after the great effort they made throughout the last period in light of the cohesion of the matches that he suffered from. the team.

Al-Ismaili had lost to Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, by two goals to one, in the match that was held between the two of them, as part of the matches of the twenty-eighth round of the league competition.

Source: the seventh day

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