Esperance Sports will miss the services of its defender, Mohamed Ali Al-Yaqoubi, due to the Corona virus, in its match against Al-Ahly of Egypt scheduled for next Saturday at Al-Salam Stadium in Cairo, for the return of the semi-finals of the African Football Champions League.
Defending duo Hussein Al-Rabea and midfielder Ghilan Al-Shaalali will also continue to be veiled, the first due to the Corona virus, and the second due to a muscle injury at the right thigh level.
On Thursday, the Esperance sports delegation shifted towards Cairo, and it is expected that the team will conduct a class upon arrival to remove fatigue, provided that the typical training session will be on Friday at the Salam Stadium at the same time as the match (8:00 pm Tunisia time).
It is noteworthy that Esperance Sportive was defeated in the first leg last Saturday at Hammadi Al-Aqrabi Stadium in Rades, with a goal without a response.

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