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The technical staff of the Zamalek club has developed a special rehabilitation program for Youssef Obama, the white castle playmaker, to prepare him physically to participate with the team after the end of the marriage leave he recently obtained after the postponement of the match between Zamalek and Mahalla in the General League until August 3.

Zamalek is at the top of the league table with 61 points, with the white team not playing 27 matches in the local competition, where Zamalek won 18 matches, drew in 7 other matches and lost twice.

Youssef Obama is considered one of the most important winning cards in the formation of the French Patrice Carteron with Zamalek, especially that the player participated in 31 games with Zamalek this season, during which he scored 12 goals and made 4 other goals for his teammates.

The French Patrice Carteron, coach of Zamalek, is preparing a complete file for the first football team, in preparation for handing it over to the club’s management after the team returns to training scheduled for July 16, as the technical staff granted a rest for 11 days to the team’s players after postponing the Mahalla meeting to August 3 next within Matches of the 28th round of the league.

The Carteron report, which is expected to be presented in the coming days, includes everything related to the football team and the players and its observations about the past period and the difficulties the team is facing so that the committee can solve them in light of the great moral support provided by the Zamalek Club Management Committee headed by Hussein Labib to the football team and the technical staff led by Carteron.

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