Botswana media reports said that the local football federation will officially announce in the coming days the dismissal of the coach of his country’s national team, Algerian Adel Amrouche, after his failure to reach the goal set with the local football federation to qualify for the next African Nations Cup scheduled in Cameroon in 2022, especially after stumbling Colleagues in their last exit to the capital, “Harare”, against the Zimbabwean national team, with a 1-0 loss.

The Botswana team, which will face the “Greens”, tomorrow, Monday, occupies the third row with 4 points, in the standings of its eighth group, after winning one match, drawing in another and losing in three matches in the current qualifiers.

In a related context, the local newspaper “Sunday Standar” revealed a conspiracy against the Algerian technician to dismiss him from his current position, after he failed to lead the first team to “Al-Kan”, which is led by some of those responsible for football affairs in this country, at the level of the Botswana Federation. For football, in addition to some local coaches who are now demanding the appointment of a local coach to lead the Botswana national team in the future.

This is happening at a time when coach Adel Amrouche is under terrible pressure, following the failure to qualify for the next African Nations Cup, in addition to the high wages received by the Algerian coach, as one of those in charge of football affairs in this country stated that the exclusion from participating in the wedding The next continental football will end Amrouche’s career with his country, because in the event of the opposite, the contract of the Algerian technician will be extended, and this will not benefit the treasury of the local football federation, given the fee that Amrouche receives.

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