Al-Shennawy impresses the victory coach

The impressive level of Egyptian international goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy increased Al-Nasr’s interest in moving to include the player.
El-Shennawy’s performance against Brazil was admired by coach Mano Menez, who confirmed that had it not been for the Egyptian goalkeeper, the Seleção team would have achieved a great victory against the Pharaohs, and not only won with one goal.
Al-Nasr coach demanded that the global management pay a large sum of money in order to persuade the Cairo club to agree to the departure of its distinguished goalkeeper, as the global intends to provide an amount that cannot be rejected by the African Champions League champion in the last two editions.
It is worth noting that the management of Al-Nasr Club, headed by Musali Al Muammar, signed a financial settlement with Australian goalkeeper Brad Jones after the end of the last sports season.


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