Al-Qadisiyah President: We are working day and night to get the team back to its normal place

The President of Al-Qadisiyah Club, Mr. Ahmed Ghadran, expressed his satisfaction with the work that precedes the first team’s participation in the first division competitions, and that the moves made by the Board of Directors in consultation with the technical staff and the Technical Committee call for optimism, as during this stage we preferred to work silently for the optimal preparation of the team and that was the beginning By contracting with the able Tunisian coach Mohamed Dahman and his assistant staff, as well as deputizing a number of local and foreign names that will be announced successively during the coming period. Ghadran expressed his happiness with the harmony of the technical staff and the Technical Committee; Which will benefit the team.

Ghadran stressed that the club’s management is very keen on the survival of the prominent and influential stars of the team in order to return to the club’s natural place, but there are natural variables that usually come after the relegation of any team, on top of which is the desire of some players to stay in the professional league, and therefore we will strive for the survival of our team players And those of them who did not want to continue, the large entities will not be affected by the absence or departure of the stars, and certainly we wish everyone with whom we have a contractual relationship success wherever and whenever he wants, but the club’s interest we will put it above all considerations.
The club’s president assured the fans and fans of the divine entity that the club’s future bodes well and said:
“Al-Qadisiyah is an inexhaustible source of stars, and we now have about eight young players from the club’s youth who are considered among the stars of the future of Saudi football and are ready to enter the league with full force, in addition to some stars who were attracted to represent the team after consulting with the technical staff.”
With regard to the stage of preparation that began, the club president stressed the importance of this stage in particular and that they are working day and night to draw a smile on the lips of the dear holy amphitheater, calling on fans and fans of the club to support, support and calm at this particular stage, and God willing, they will see what makes them happy and happy in the near future, God willing.


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