Al-Nour and Mudar launch the first edition of the Saudi Super Cup

The Competitions Committee of the Saudi Handball Federation has created a new competition under the name “Saudi Super Cup” to be next to the seasonal competitions “League, Cup, Elite”, where the Saudi Super Cup champion Prince Faisal bin Fahd for Premier League clubs, and the champion of Prince Sultan bin Cup Championship will participate in the Saudi Super Fahd, and if the champion is one in the two competitions, the second party will be in the Super League, while the “Super Champion” will represent the country in any meeting or foreign super tournament with any country.

And it was decided that the first edition of the Saudi Super Cup will bring together the league and cup champions for the 2020-2021 season, Al-Nour (the league champion) and Mudar (the cup champion), on Friday, August 27, at the Ministry of Sports hall in Riyadh, specifically at four in the afternoon.

It will allow the participation of 2 professional players on the field simultaneously during the Super Cup match, in addition to allowing the participation of 2 born players (only) inside the stadium at one time, and they can be registered in any of the degrees, provided that the number of those registered in registration papers does not exceed The match is for two born players, and the Super Cup match will be played in the cup system, and the match must end with a winner. .


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