Al-Hashem competes with Asaker for the stardom of sports commentary

Talent is the gift of the Creator, the Mighty and Sublime, to man. It is born with him by instinct and appears early.
It is noticeable that our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, may God protect him from all evil, is teeming with promising emerging talents for a promising future in general, and the Al-Ahsa region in particular, which abounds in talents in various fields, including those who have made their way and some of them are waiting to be discovered and repaired, as it is an inexhaustible source, God bless you.

Media Captain Hussein Al-Habib appeals and invites everyone to pay attention and take care of the emerging talents in order to create our dear kingdom
One of these talents, Ibrahim Hajji Al-Hashem, was born on the 16th of the month 3 in the year 1422 AH, a talent of a rare type, specifically in the field of sports commentary, which caught the attention of many athletes through his wonderful and distinguished performance in the championships adored by millions of football, and on a video clip that was published as lightning speed with his essential voice, it spread in social accounts Media describing and commenting on the goal of the famous player Fahd Al-Mawlid against the Japanese national team, as he amazed the users with the beauty and splendor of his description of the goal as well as the matches of the Al-Ahsa championships

Al-Hashem, affiliated to the Committee of the Sheikh of Commentators, led by Habib Asaker
In a short period of time, he was able to win the love of listeners in the skies of Al-Ahsa Championships
The best evidence for what we have mentioned is on the authority of Ibrahim Al-Hashem, who was nicknamed by the journalist Muhammad Al-Dalawi (the master of commentators).
The commentator, Professor Jaafar Al-Salih, said about (Al-Hashem) that he loves mathematical commentary from his early childhood, and this is what we have seen in him. He has a special charisma that does not resemble any of the commentators. He has a special style and his way of describing and commenting is special and wonderful, as he leaves in the soul beautiful echoes, and this is the secret of distinguishing Al-Hashem from the rest.

We met with Al-Mawhiba Al-Hashem, where he recorded his impressions of what was mentioned by the beloved commentator Jaafar Al-Salih, saying: The words that Al-Salih mentioned about me were not just passing words, but were and will be for me a great moral incentive towards moving forward, God Almighty

In conclusion, we say Al-Hashem that it is a successful project in the field of sports commentary because it possesses the specifications of a successful commentator. We call for standing by this talent. We hope that he will receive care and attention and that he will have an adequate opportunity to participate in sports description and commentary on the radio and television levels.


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