Al-Fateh returns..and begins the third phase of preparation next Thursday

The delegation of the first football team at Al-Fateh Club arrived today, Monday, at King Khalid Airport in Riyadh, coming from Salzburg Airport, after the conclusion of the external camp that the team set up for 21 days in the Austrian city of Virgil in preparation for the 2021-2022 sports season.
The team left Riyadh upon its arrival to Al-Ahsa by land, where the coach, Mr. Yannick Ferreira, granted leave for the players to resume training next Thursday, to start the third and final stage of preparation.
The technical staff had divided the team’s preparation period into three phases, the first of which started with the return of the players from the closing vacation of last season and undergoing medical examinations by the medical sponsor Al-Mousa Specialized Hospital. On a fitness and tactical program and the performance of four friendly matches, during which Mr. Yannick Ferreira assessed the players’ readiness.


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