Al-Fateh launches its program in the Austria camp with two training sessions

The first football team of Al-Fateh Club inaugurated its camp in the Austrian city of Vergil today, Tuesday, which represents the second phase of the preparatory camp for the 2021-2022 sports season, which extends for 21 days.
The team performed its training in two morning shifts and was held in the “gym” hall at the team residence, during which the technical staff focused on raising the fitness rate of the players, while the evening period was held at the Sports City stadium in Virgil, western Austria, during which the coach, Mr. Being maneuvered over the entire area of ​​the playing field.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Saad Al-Afaleq, his deputy, Abdul Rahman Al-Hammad, the general supervisor of the first football team, Hassan Al-Jabr, and members of the Board of Directors, Khaled Al-Makhayta and Mashari Al-Saadoun, followed the training.
It is reported that the Al-Fateh mission arrived in Austria on Monday.


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