Al-Ahly is threatened with losing the summer deal

Al-Ahly’s board of directors, headed by Majed Al-Nafie, seeks to resolve more strong deals after the inclusion of the Brazilian Paulinho.
And reports linked Al-Ahly to approaching the inclusion of Macedonian left-back Ezgian Alyoski from the ranks of Leeds United.
Despite the news that Al-Ahly decided to sign the player, the deal has not been officially announced yet.
The reason for this came because the Macedonian player, retracted his previous agreement, with the Al-Ahly administration, and requested a higher annual salary.
Al-Ahly agreed with the player to sign for a salary estimated at 12 million riyals, which the player initially agreed to, before retracting, and asking for 16.2 million riyals, in one sports season.


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